Sunday, December 10, 2017

アメリカ 6日目 渾身の一着。

1950's Car Club Jacket
" Demolay "
From Arcadia, CA.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

アメリカ 5日目 手応えあり。

1950's Cock Fight Print
Cotton Circle Skirt

Early 1940's Monkey Wood Pin

1950's Bright Gray &
Black-White-Yellow Border
Cotton Knit Top
( Dead Stock )

2pc 1950's Black & White-Clear
Beads Purse Set

1950's White & Black-Gray-
Bright Gray Gradation Border
Dolman Sleeve Cotton Knit Top
( Dead Stock )

1950's Asian Princess Necklace
by Selro and Selini

1950's Mexican Mask Print
Black Cotton Dress

THE BASH Early X'mas Special !!

The Best Club In The Town

        " THE BASH "
    Early X'mas Special


新宿 red cloth
     Open - 18:00 till Late
     Live Start - 19:00   


Friday, December 8, 2017

アメリカ 4日目 魅了され初挑戦。

1980's Pop Art Style Rock'n Roll
Cotton Shirts

アメリカ 4日目 勝絶の艦隊。

VIETNAM WAR Late 1960's
Souvenir Jacket
" QUINHON 67 - 68 "
( Dead Stock )

1950's Black & Collar-Front
Bright Gray & White-Gold
Lope Style Piping Rock'n Roll
Rayon Shirts

1940's U.S.NAVY N-3 Herringbone
Utility Jacket
( Dead Stock )

1940's U.S.NAVY Change Button
Shawl Collar Denim Jacket
( Dead Stock )

Early 1980's STRAY CATS
Official Tour T-Shirts
                       AMERICA 1983 "