Monday, April 9, 2018

アメリカ 7日目 女性が主役。

1950's Sailing Ship on
Black Bakelite Necklace
by Selro and Selini

1950's White & Navy Blue &
Breast Red & White Border
Dolman Sleeve Pile Knit Top
Sold ありがとうございました。

1950's Sky Blue Light Ounce
Dungaree Shorts
( Dead Stock )

1950's Novelty Calypso Print
Cotton Circle Skirt

Late 1950's Bright Gray &
Collar-Breast-Cuff Blue-
Bright Gary-Black-White-
Yellow Border Pullover
Cotton Ranch shirts
( Dead Stock )

Late 1950's Blue-Bright Gray-
Black-White-Yellow Stripe
Cotton Western Pants
( Dead Stock )

Late 1950's H BAR C Cotton
Western Ranch Shirts &
Pants Set
( Dead Stock )

1950's Asian Princess on
Dark Green Bakelite
by Selro and Selini
Sold ありがとうございました。

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