Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1960's KEY Denim Western Jeans

ブランド : KEY ( Lot - 3352 )
コンディション : Dead Stock
サイズ : W 30 L 29
プライス : ¥29,800- ( 税込¥31,290- ) 
Sold ありがとうございました。


  1. Masa,
    Look forward to seeing you in Yokohama at the MOONEYES show.
    Cheers jeff decker

  2. Hello Mr Jeff.

    How are you ? Hope you are well.

    Thank you really for your message.
    I am sorry for the reply's slowing.

    The thing that the comment has reached was not noticed.

    I am sorry, I can not go to the MOONEYES Show.
    Because it will visit LA the next day.
    It is really regrettable...

    It looks forward to the thing that it can meet you by next year's inspiration Vol.2 really.

    The thing being spent for wonderful time is hoped for in the MOONEYES show.

    See you next time.
    Thank you.